September 11, 2010

Jeanne d` Arc Living

.... Konačno sam uspjela preko svojih izvora doći do predivnog časopisa koji je tek u začetku. Ne bih ništa ja rekla o njemu, već citiram predivan uvod iz jednog od njih:
" As we all know, there`s no such things as the perfect person.Nor is there a perfect home! That is the essence of that which makes life so charming. It is the individual and the unique decor that differentiates itself from the rest in one way or the other. But really, what defines perfection? I guess it depends on the eyes that see it...and luckily! Some love minimalism where others love the country style. Life would be so dull if everyone shared a single opinion, looked alike and had the same dreams and passions,....." Lonnie and Vivian


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  1. Ciao Annie! and thank you for visiting my blog! I love jeanne d'Arc Living! it's a fantastic magazine...full of inspirations!!