August 30, 2012

// late summer on my mind //

  images via pinterest

Late afternoon, coffee,...
Yiruma  " Kiss the Rain " ( love his music),..
thinking and preparing for school semestar 2012/2013.

Between that I want to share
with you , this little collage pictures
about my favourite late summer
I think I will put some of these colour in my
hall this autumn ( fall`s project, hope so !).
And I will finish this post with
beautiful quotes of
Billy Baldwin ( interior designer )

" Be faithful to your own taste, because,
nothing you really like is
ever out of style."



  1. Hi - you have a good eye, to play with colors! Really beautiful pictures! Hug, Barbara

  2. Hi Anita,
    love the colour combination.
    Thanks for you message!
    big hug hx

  3. Prelijepo i inspirativno:)

  4. Kombinacija je predivna, želim ti da si središ predvorje baš u tim bojama :)
    ne mogu virovat kako je lito brzo prošlo, za dva dana već početak nove školske godine...

  5. Great qoute! And I love that branch with berries :-)

    Have a very nice evening!