September 21, 2012

{ pastel + gold = inspiration for my hall }

{ pastel + gold }

Few weeks ago, I had another vision
how to decorate my hall.
But suddenly, something came up,...
( in my profession we call it action-reaction ),...
few of my favourite things were my action and
my new inspiration was my reaction.
As I said before I had a beautiful vintage floor
( you can see in my older post ),
with a little beige-golden lines, it.
And that floor will be lovely combination
with my favourite things,...

Favourite things for pastel + gold inspiration :

+ vintage lamp
                     ( need a little makeover)
+ golden shoes 
    ( ballerinas )
+  Elie Saab
                        ( parfume, my sister gave it to me for my birthday,
          last Tuesday, happy me,.:-)))
+  my scarf with pastel dots

what do you think???
I have still so much to do!!!

wish you a nice weekend

images by anniedecor


  1. You adore the colours, don't you? And I love, how you make the combinaison between youuuur colours! Pastell with gold is very elegant!
    Have you seen already my golden days on my last posts? It's a little bit different from yours, but I love gold tooo!
    Have a great weekend, hug Barbara

  2. Prelijepe boje,tako opuštajuće sve djeluje:)