November 25, 2012

festive christmas hanger ✫

Hi, my dear blogger friends!
I almost finished my little projects,
this one I have done yesterday,
and I simple love it.
I  used simple hanger for clothes, decoration
for christmas tree, my pictures that
symbolize what I love and care, ribbon
and pink washi tape to hold on
the festive christmas hanger,
for my hall.
I think, next week, my shoes closet in the
hall will be done, yeahh!

And one more thing, I finihed my christmas moodboard
(I wrote in my lasts post) and wrapping project,
but in some, special reason,
I will not show you yet, it will be surprise.
Please, have a little understanding for that,
it `s little step forward for me
and my work..

have a magic day

 Photography/styling:  Anita @anniedecor


  1. I love it! It's magical.
    big hug hx

  2. Simpa ideja, izgleda lijepo, bas mi se sviđa:-))

  3. Super je ispalo...sviđa mi se a lot✰
    Kissyy from sister ❉♥

  4. Divno Annie,uvijek uživam u tvom istančanom smislu za detalje i boje..:))
    Ugodan tjedan ti želim:)